What is L-Debug

L-Debug is a debug stack for Lasso. It allows you to set up tracers that provide a clear overview of your application logic and methods to quickly determine what, where, and why a problem has occurred.

  • FULL ajax support - see what's happening in AJAX requests
  • Asynchronous tag support
  • Virtually zero overhead when inactive
  • Built in timer mode
  • Plain text / console logging support
  • Easy to use

What use is it to me?

Have you ever frantically searched for the cause of a bug that's just taken down your client's website? Ever had to randomly comment out large chunks of code desperately trying to work out what is causing what where and why!?

Then L-Debug may be of use to you.

L-Debug will allow you to track down that issue at an instance, simply cast your over eyes over the resulting debug stack; what occurred and where will be immediately apparent. All with minimal effort.